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Dehydrated Curly Kale Powder

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Product details
  • 250gms bottel. 
  • High in Protien. Contains 23% Protien.
  • If you’re looking for a new, exciting way to spice up your morning oatmeal, smoothies, or salads, then this product is for you! 
  • Kale powder is made from dehydrated kale leaves, which is a great source of vitamin A, C, and K. It also has plenty of antioxidants and is a great source of fiber. 
  • TRUEGANIC Dehydrated Kale Powder is Crafted with Love and made by Aquaponic Curly Kale Leaves only.
  • Usage - Add a few teaspoons of TRUEGANIC Dehydrated Kale Powder to your Pasta Dough, Dips, Soups, Stews, Salads, Smoothies or just about anything where you want to squeeze in nutrients and add a freshness to them. Use this product to make your favorite dish healthier, more flavorful, and more nutritious.
  • Kale Powder is Among the Most Nutrient-Dense Foods on the Planet and It is your Daily wellness booster, Immunity booster, Healthy Metabolism.
  • Ingredient and Storage:- Dehydrated Kale Powder and Store in Cool and Dry Place. Away From Direct Sun Light. Keep Air Tight.

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